Top 10 Must-Have Items for a New Mom’s Checklist


A new baby can require alot of new gear: bottles, diapers, toys, clothes, etc… There is so much baby “stuff” on the market that it can overwhelm even the savviest parents. Fortunately, there are a few must-have baby items for a new mom that can make life in those early days much easier. 

A new mom’s budget may be tight, though - and there are so many tempting options! What are the most important essentials for a new baby checklist? Here are ten of the best must-have baby items for meeting the demands of a new infant. These are all items that we have all used continuously with our children and are eager to recommend them to others. We may receive some compensation for the recommendations on some items, but it is nominal and goes back in to helping grow this site.

The Best Carrier For A New Baby: Baby K’Tan

New babies like to be held - a lot; pretty much all the time. Unfortunately, human mothers haven’t evolved more arms yet. We likely have a few more millenia to go, so we need those two arms we have for the countless other activities we have to master every day. 

Enter THE BABY CARRIER. A baby carrier holds a new baby - so parents and caretakers don’t have to. It is like growing two extra arms, providing freedom to take care of other things. There are dozens of these on the market, including front, rear, side; those meant for infants, toddlers, and small kids. All colors, materials, and complexities. 

Essentials for a baby carrier: 

  • Hold a new baby very close to the body so they can hear the heartbeat and smell their parent or caretaker. This is soothing to most babies, and some will instantly settle down and stop crying as soon as they can be held in this close position. 

  • Provide head support

  • Be soft enough for an infant

  • Provide multiple positions for a baby to sit in (different babies have different preferences)

  • Be comfortable for the wearer (after an hour of wearing a baby, if the carrier is not comfortable, the wearer can get fatigued quickly) 

  • Simple to put on. Some carriers are so complicated that it can be next to impossible to figure out how to get one on, esp when a baby is screaming their head off. 

A pre-constructed baby wrap. Breathable, soft, easy to use and put on both parent and baby.

The best baby carrier on the market today is the Baby K’Tan. It is a baby wrap that is pre-constructed, so the wearer doesn’t have to figure out how to get it around themselves and the new baby. The Baby K’Tan is also super-comfortable and versatile; it can be used to hold the baby in a reclining position, upright-reversed, and upright-facing outward. This wide variety of positions makes the Baby K’Tan able to support a new baby’s needs as they grow bigger. It is also relatively inexpensive.

The Best Monitor For A New Baby: Owlet Smart Monitor

Worrying about a newborns safety is so instinctual, it is unavoidable. The most frequent worrying from new parents comes at night, when newborns are sleeping on their own. Luckily, baby monitors have grown more and more advanced, allowing new parent to hear and see their newborns, monitor temperatures, and monitor vitals such as oxygen and heartbeat. 

The Owlet Smart Monitor and the Owlet Smart Sock provide a combined monitoring system that will alleviate even the most worried parents’ concerns. The Owlet monitoring system provides both sound and high-resolution video controls, and, when paired with the Owlet Smart Sock, also monitors a newborns heart rate and oxygen levels as they sleep to ensure a restful night’s sleep for everyone. 

The most technologically advanced system to monitor infant vitals while they sleep.

The Best Lovie For A New Baby: Jellycat

A lovie is something a new baby will become attached to within months out of the womb. Lovies are soft, snuggly and easily manipulated by a young baby’s hands. Baby after baby shows preference for Jellycat. Jellycats was started in 1999 in London and is focused on developing “soft toys.” They have perfected the tactile preferences of young babies using different fabrics, shapes, and firmness. Their lovies are able to provide the strongest sense of comfort and soothing to babies, whether in sleep training or in a car seat or playing by themselves. Jellycats can also grow with a baby all the way into adulthood.

Soft, cozy loves in a host of different options and easily manipulated by baby hands

The Best Swaddler For A New Baby: The Woombie

Babies love to be swaddled because it reminds them of being back, safe and warm, in their mother’s womb. Swaddling a baby takes time and practice that many new moms don’t have to spare. Furthermore, swaddling a new baby incorrectly can lead to loose blankets, which are dangerous, as they can suffocate or choke a young baby. 

Easy to use, soft infant swaddler

That is why the Woombie Swaddler is a must-have solution to making a new baby feel comfortable. The Woombie Swaddler uses an innovative peanut-shaped design to snuggly hug a baby. Just zip a zipper and close the Velcro clasp, which covers the zipper so it doesn’t irritate a new baby’s fragile and sensitive skin. Woombie Swaddler also comes in a convertible design which can set a baby’s arms free so they are able to explore the wonderful world of having fingers, as well as a mesh design perfect for keeping a new baby cool during hot summer weather. 


The Best Pajamas For A New Baby: Carters Fleece Pajamas

The best pajamas for a new baby will be soft and comfortable, with a zipper to avoid having to pull over the head and built-in feet to help keep their tootsies warm and eliminate the need for blankets (which they won’t be able to use until they get older). If the pajamas have a zipper, the top will have a snap enclosure to keep the end of the zipper from rubbing against a baby’s sensitive, soft chin. The feet on the pajamas will also feature non-slip padding, so when a little one starts to get up on his or her feet, they won’t slip and fall. 

The best pajamas on the market today that embrace all these features are Carter’s microfleece pajamas. Through the use of microfleece, Carter’s has created pajamas that are perfectly cozy, warm, and comfortable for a new baby. Their inclusion of safety features such as non-skid padding and a snap enclosure at the top of the pajamas ensure a new baby will have no accidental injuries simply due to their pajamas getting in their way. Microfleece is also very breathable, so a baby won’t end up sweating if they get a little warm. 

At the height of baby fashion, these footed pajamas also make wonderful day to night clothing for infants, allowing parent’s to run errands, see friends, and have a meal out without having to continually change clothes. 

Many options for all ages, genders, and designs.

The Best All Purpose Accessory For A New Baby: Aden and Anais Muslin Blankets

The Aden and Anais Muslin Blanket is THE must-have item new parents will need over and over and over again. It should be included on every parent’s checklist. These all-purpose blankets can serve as:

  • Swaddle

  • Light Blanket

  • Shade for stroller or car seat during naps on the go

  • Floor cover for all of those times parents may need to get on a dirty floor with their baby 

  • Nursing cover for breast feeding moms

  • Lovie

  • Clean-up mop for spills 

  • Changing mat

Beyond the multi-use muslin blankets, Aden and Anais creates all kinds of little accessories which assist in clean up and care in unconventional ways. The best part about this company is all of their products - from security blankets to bibs - are created with muslin fabrics to be the most comfortable and gentle to a new baby’s skin. 

An essential item for new parents. Multi-use, soft, and handy for an assortment of infant needs.

The Best Cleanser For A New Baby: Johnson’s Lavender No More Tears

Essential infant cleaners are gentle on skin, tear free, and calming. Johnson’s Lavender No More Tears is a staple for new parents. Johnson’s has been trusted by parents for generations to provide bath products for new babies that are gentle and effective. Now they have a Lavender scented line of products which also have a soothing scent which promotes feelings of calm, well-being, and sleepiness. Many parents trust a bath with Johnson’s Lavender products will soothe their babies and put them in the right frame of mind to go to sleep at night. The best part about these products is they are just as mild and efficient as Johnson & Johnson’s products of the past - earning the name “No More Tears!”

A calming wash for sensitive baby skin


The Best Bottles For A New Baby: Dr. Brown’s

Whether breastfeeding or formula feeding, new parents will need a bottle system that helps with feeding on the go or when the mother is away. The bottle system of choice should provide: 

  • A comfortable nipple for the newborn

  • Reduce air intake and gas

  • Maintain nutritional consistency of milk or formula

  • Provide options for growing with a baby until bottle needs are ended 

There are numerous options for bottles on the market, including some of the biggest names such as Advent, Phillips, Tommee Tippee, and numerous new players with improved designs and technologies. However, time and again, infant preferences and comfort seem to be attracted to Dr. Brown’s, a bottle system designed specifically to reduce air intake and gas pains in newborns and with numerous options to help grow with a baby. 

The Best Nursing Chair For A New Baby: La-Z-Boy Recliner

A great nursing chair is critical to creating a soothing environment for both mom and baby. Whether breast or bottle feeding, a great nursing chair is essential to creating an enjoyable environment. Essentials for a nursing chair: 

  • Soft, comfortable

  • Large enough for mom and baby

  • Lumbar support

  • Arm support for comfort when holding the baby

  • Able to rock or move gently

  • Reclining, ability to lean back

The best nursing chairs also have high armrests to provide comfort and arm support while feeding a new baby. A nursing chair that has low armrests won’t support the arms very well. As a result, arms may tire out quickly, making it uncomfortable and even painful to hold a new baby for long periods of time. 

A nursing chair that converts into a recliner is perfect, as it provides the perfect spot to catch a quick nap in between feedings. Such a nursing chair can be a real blessing when a new baby has nights they don’t sleep well. Please note that adults should not allow a new baby to sleep in the nursing chair with them, as this can be dangerous if the adult falls asleep with the infant. 

An oversized, soft rocking recliner perfect for nursing a baby

This particular La-Z-Boy design, the Morrison Rocking Recliner, makes the ideal nursing chair since it has all of these features, and can also be reused by the entire family even after a new baby has grown out of it. 

The Best Shusher For A New Baby: The Baby Shusher

Just as much as new babies love the sound of their mom’s heartbeat and the smell of her skin, they also love the sound of her voice. Moms may quickly grow tired of shushing their new baby, though, and most mechanical sounds don’t mimic a human voice well. 

Luckily, the Baby Shusher discovered a way to around this. The Baby Shusher uses a real human voice to pacify a new baby to sleep with a gentle shushing sound. With impressive 10-hour battery life, the Baby Shusher can continue to calm and soothe even the fussiest new babies through an entire night of sleep. It also comes with a wrist strap, so it can be used on the go, in a car or stroller or while carrying a new baby. The Baby Shusher is so good, it won the 2018 Oh Baby Gold Award. It was also chosen by parents to be The Best Product Of 2019 for BabyList. 

Mimics a real human voice. Very soothing to infants.