Nanny Compensation

The hourly rate for nannies and babysitters differ across the United States, and these are determined by certain factors. Various factors such as experience, qualification, the age of the nanny and their responsibilities will determine the rate of wage for the nanny.

According to a survey taken by the International Nanny Association (INA), the average wage of a nanny is $19.14 per hour. And these are based on nannies with higher qualifications such as education certificate, experience and the willingness to take additional responsibilities.

We have to understand that they are different terms to what we consider in childcare, as we have a nanny, babysitter, au pair and family support care. These various grades of child care have their different average wage, as the babysitter does receive less per hour than the nanny.

The wages of a babysitter are usually determined by their age.

The wages of a babysitter are usually determined by their age. You will not expect to pay a 15 years old babysitter paid the same wage you will pay a 25 years old babysitter. This is because the both of them will have different responsibilities as the older one will assume more responsibility that the younger one. Also, the older one will likely have more experience than the younger one which will ensure more pay for the older one.

Based on this, it was determined that the average pay for babysitter under 21 years old is $12.19 while the average pay for babysitter over 21 years is $12.46 per hour. From this, you can draw on the conclusion that the average nanny salary is higher than that of the babysitter. This is because the babysitter is usually more experienced, educated and assumed more roles than the babysitter.

The wages of the nannies are also higher because they belong to an association which looks after their interest. The association does have a role in determining their flat hourly rate, compensation, and allowance and ensure that their right is not tampered on. 

For instance, 57.7% of nannies are paid part-time and a half, whenever they work overtime and 50% of nannies, are compensated for their travel. These are due to agreements made due to their association with the international Nanny Association that help guide the right of the nannies. 

When it comes to family members caring for your children, they are usually given stipends or do it for free. But these family members may not be available all the time and may lack some knowledge of child care.

Factors that Determine Wages of Nanny

As we mentioned earlier, nanny pay differ’s according to locations although the average wage is $19.14. The following factors will determine the wages of nannies:

  1. The number of children under your care: the number of children placed under the care of the nanny will determine the actual wage of the nanny. For instance, you will not be expected to pay the same amount to a nanny taking care of one child to one taking care of two or three children. There is usually a flat rate added to the average wage per child under the care of the nanny. So in essence, the more children under your care, the more you will be paid.

  2. The certification of the nanny: certification of any kind is another factor that determines the wages of the nannies. You will not expect to pay the same wage for a nanny that has knowledge of CPR and fire safety to one who lack that knowledge and expertise. So the more qualifications you have experienced, the more you will earn as a nanny.

  3. Paying for additional responsibilities: a primary nanny responsibility is to take care of the child, but in some cases, additional responsibilities may be included, like taking the child to school, to the hospital, working on holidays and extra hours. It is expected that the wages will be increased in such instances where additional responsibilities are given you the nanny.

  4. Nannies on special occasions: nannies are paid extra to work on holidays like new years eve, valentine days and other major holidays. These periods call for additional fees as most nannies are not available and probably will want time to spend with their loved ones also, so an additional payment is required for services.

  5. Travel expenses: in the instance where you are living very far from the main town or you are in a location far away from your favorite nanny agency, you will have to pay more for traveling expenses and other inconveniences.

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