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There are a lot of options you have when considering the best type of childcare for your family. Choosing the right type of childcare is an extremely important decision and involves many hours of researching. It is an extensive process but a worthy one! After finally settling on hiring a nanny as your source of childcare, you will begin a new search, but this one is even more specific to you and your family. There are many different types of nannies and also nannies with different specialties. Consider what the needs of your family are and how each type of nanny would play a role and aid in the growth and development of your children. 

It is an extensive process but a worthy one!

Which type of nanny is for you?

Live-in—If you are a parent who has an extremely busy work schedule, travels often, or has numerous children, a live-in nanny could be the perfect nanny for you. A live-in nanny is a nanny who lives in the family home and has their own bedroom and living space. The nanny has agreed upon hours and a schedule. A live-in nanny normally offers more flexibility when it comes to adding additional nannying times not included in the discussed schedule. A live-in nanny is paid in addition to the provided living space.  Read more about live-in nanny’s in Enannysource and how to choose between a live-in nanny or one who lives in their own home. 

Day-time—A daytime nanny is a full-time, live-out nanny who arrives daily at the home to care for the children. A day-time nanny is normally responsible for taking care of the children and any tasks that involve the children such as cooking, cleaning, and driving to and from doctor’s appointments or sporting events. 

Part-time—Nannies who work part-time work either a few days a week or a few hours a day. A part-time nanny could be used when a parent is only working part time. Another reason to hire a part-time nanny would be for an after-school nanny or a summertime nanny when the children are home. Part-time nannies can also give parents much needed free time or personal time away from their children. Nanny Care discusses the advantages of hiring a part-time nanny.  

Shared—A nanny share is a relevantly new type of nannying. This normally involves two families sharing the same nanny and caring for both sets of children at the same time. Nanny sharing is beneficial for the children as they will get to converse with other children on a day-to-day basis. Also, it is normally cheaper for each family. If a nanny is nannying two families to make her schedule equal a full-time nanny schedule that would be considered a “partial share.” A nanny share is relatively new, but there are many ways to find and set up a nanny share with another family. For more information, read, “Nanny Share 101: Everything You Need to Know About a Nanny Share.

Co-Nanny—A co-nanny is a type of nanny that involves two nannies that alternate their days nannying the same family or they both nanny at the same time. When co-nannying involves splitting up the days, it gives the children a variation of nannies and personalities, so they become less bored than with just one nanny. Also, co-nannying is a great alternative for a family who wants to hire a specific nanny, but that nanny is only available a few days a week. Co-nannying is common among colleges student nannies or nannies who also have part-time jobs outside of the realm of nannying. 

specialty nannies

In addition to the different types of nannies, there are also many different skills that each particular nanny has. Nannies who consider themselves each of the following titles have had multiple positions or many years of experience with each type of child. These nannies are considered specialty nannies and create a great experience for both family and child by being more knowledgeable in their particular areas. 

Newborn or Infant Care
A nanny who is a specialist in newborn or infant care is well oriented with babies during their first 12-16 weeks. These nannies focus on helping to create good sleeping and feeding habits as well as helping the mother post-baby with sleep and rejuvenation. Newborn or infant care nannies could work overnight shifts or even become live-in nannies for a period of time. Newborn or infant care nannies stay informed on information regarding preemies and infants and strive to continuously learn about infants and recent studies. Nanny.org has a great explanation of a Newborn Care Specialist and the value they can add to helping a new mother and family with their transition back home. 

Working with Multiples
If you have twins or multiples, then hiring a nanny specialized working with multiples would be a great decision! Nannies who specialize working with multiplies have had much experience with multiple children and are able to balance each child’s wants and needs without having to ignore the other children. These nannies know the challenges of the job and are able to navigate through them. Nannies who have worked with multiples normally have great relationships with the parents and communicate well with them in order to create a consistent schedule when they are there and when the parents are home. A few useful articles to learn more about nannies who work with multiples: 10 Tips for Managing Multiples, How to Hire a Nanny for Twins, and Why Some Parents of Multiples Choose Nannies over Daycare

Special Needs Care
A nanny specialized in special needs care has studied special needs and has had experience taking care of children with additional needs. Most nannies who work with children who have special needs have more certifications and an educational background in special needs. These nannies are aware of the demands of the job and create daily schedules and plans with the parents in order to align their goals, both developmental and educational, for their child or children.  

For more information regarding nannies specialized in special needs children, check out, “Nannying For The Child With Special Needs” and “Finding the Right Nanny for Special Needs Children.” Both resources explain traits that a family should look for when hiring a nanny for their child and how to find the perfect care for their family.


Which Type of Childcare is Right for You